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Are Hemp Oil Extract and Hemp Seed Oil the Same Thing?

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Do You Know the Differences Between Hemp Oil Extract & Hemp Seed Oil? It Matters.

Welcome back to the Groovy Hemp Podcast, In this episode, you’ll get to hear:

  • The anatomy of a hemp plant and what parts provide the majority of phytocannabinoids. There is also a brief explanation of phytocannabinoids and how they relate to this podcast.
  • How Hemp Oil Extract products like CBD, CBG Oil, and CBN Oil can impact your well-being.
  • Does Hemp Seed Oil have any nutritional value at all?
  • Are there ways short of taking a package to a chemist you can determine if a CBD product is actually made from Hemp Oil Extract or is a fake?

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Please listen to "Are Hemp Oil Extract and Hemp Seed Oil the Same Thing?" This is a new Groovy Hemp Company podcast.

A little More Information on Hemp Oil Extract Products.

You might wonder how hemp-based products can help you. Hemp Oil Extract includes various phytocannabinoids including CBD, CBGA, CBDA, CBG, CBN, and others.

As you will learn from this podcast, Hemp Seed Oil only includes minimal phytocannabinoids even though it does offer other health benefits.

What can the various phytocannabinoids do for you? Benefits include relieving anxiety, tension, stress, muscle soreness, and inflammation. This list of benefits also includes reducing pain and sleep management issues.

Let’s be a little more specific. As a culture, we are consistently under considerable amounts of stress. This can lead to many short-term and long-term medical and psychological issues.

There are many approaches for reducing the impact of Stress including CBD or CBG Oil products. All are safe and non-habit-forming. At Groovy we have your solution.

For those who want Full Spectrum Hemp Oil (THC CBD) products, the Entourage Effect can take place. This is when you have CBD and the other phytocannabinoids (including <0.3% THC), and terpenes from the original plant working together.

The Entourage Effect is a biological example of the sum being greater than its parts. The net result could be an enhanced positive impact. Using real hemp terpenes with CBD generally provides the maximum benefits.

THC Free CBD products are almost always Broad Spectrum. Formulations with Isolates are very rare. People use THC-Free Hemp Oil products:

  1. if they are concerned about passing a drug test.
  2. or they are not comfortable using a product containing THC, in spite of the minuscule amount present (less than 0.3% THC).

The majority of Hemp Oil Extract products are Full-spectrum. Hemp farmers and scientists are extremely competent.

Because of that, it is not unreasonable to suggest that THC CBD products will continue to do an outstanding job. THC CBD Water Soluble CBD products will do an even better one.

To learn more about how the CBD universe we invite you to take a few moments and visit the very extensive and up-to-date Groovy Hemp Podcast CBD Glossary.

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