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Listen to Groovy Hemp Company Get Interviewed on the CBD Guide Podcast with Scott Hawksworth

Read the Groovy Hemp Company Blog Post featuring our very recent appearance in Scott Hawksworth’s very smart and engaging CBD Guide podcast.

Scott interviewed our founder, Robb Auspitz on various topics concerning CBD including but not limited to:

  • How Robb got involved with CBD. His efforts to research how it functioned, its impact, and various products and vendors. This journey led to the creation of, his CBD Online Marketplace.
  • The different characteristics of CBD, CBG, and CBN, and what the various corresponding products can do for consumers.
  • Taking a “start low and slow approach to CBD while learning about and understanding how various product formulations can affect your body and mind.
  • The value of educating consumers as a business model as opposed to competing on price. This includes writing accurate product descriptions and including easy-to-find accurate and easy-to-read product information.
  • How Groovy Hemp Company’s CBD Online Marketplace differs from other companies with our focus on wellness. How CBD can be included in your personal wellness plan.
  • Defining what THC-Free is and defining Full-spectrum CBD. How it’s vitally important for consumers to voice their concerns regarding product formulation.
  • CBD misconceptions that arose during the COVID pandemic. Robb’s approach to conducting accurate research on CBD and what its capabilities and limitations are.
  • Current and future trends in the CBD space were also covered.

I want to thank Scott for giving exposure to a new audience. I very much appreciate Scott’s professionalism and dedication to accuracy and the truth. If you are interested in learning more about CBD visit The CBD Guide and subscribe to his podcast channels at Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. It’s easily well worth your time.

Groovy Hemp Company products come in different serving sizes, strengths, and packaging configurations. We have something for everyone. is your CBD Online Marketplace.

CBD and CBG products can be a meaningful part of your overall Wellness Plan and Groovy Hemp Company is where to buy them, Order Today!

Dudes, Groovy Hemp Company, your CBD Online Marketplace thanks you for stopping by, scrolling down, and listening.

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